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    Sustainable businesses differ from regular businesses because their business growth is tied to sustainable goals and impact frameworks.


    We work closely with startups and our network of partners to both define the strategy and ensure a successful  implementation.

    We cover all practical steps required to create and launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our “ on demand model” allows you to decide how many days per month you need us based on the desired outputs. Instead of having to hire and coordinate multiple experts and freelancers, you can leave all in our hands.

    Yes, we work with our network of partners to define sustainable criteria to select suppliers based on your needs and product claims.

    Yes, we help you create a branding and marketing strategy to build your initial community. We conduct primary and secondary research to prioritise your marketing claims and certifications that allow to create a differentiated offering for your consumers.


    No, you can simply start by using free frameworks (like GRI assessment) to start documenting your progress on sustainability. To truly prove you are a sustainable business making impact, you will need to have clear sustainable goals, activities and progress measurement approach. We can also guide you on which certifications are the best.

    Yes, we can help you define a ESG strategy based on your companies priorities and the investors reporting requirements.

    Yes, we will provide examples of existing sustainable packaging case studies and we will connect you with our partners offering B2C/B2B packaging solutions. We will also provide circular economy case studies to help you identify opportunities to eliminate and 

    Yes, we work with you and our network of experts to identify more sustainable sourcing opportunities for your ingredients.

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