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We are sustainability managers on demand for agri-food, FMCG and circularity businesses.

We combine our expertise in marketing, sustainability, policy and tech to enable brand growth with sustainability at the core.

We empower businesses that are already sustainable to scale up, and those that want to get started on their ESG (environmental, social, governance) journeys to embed sustainability in their growth strategies.


Sustainability services

 We help companies set up their ESG strategy and roadmap, baked up by the correct impact data, like CO2 and water usage, and we help them building differentiation through sustainable innovation. 


The aim of these services is to integrate sustainability into the business operations and to communicate it.

  • CSRD/ESRS Reporting
  • Green Comms Plan
  • Certifications: BCorp, Ecovadis…etc.


The aim of these services is to measure the impact of your business, product or services.

  • CO2 Footprint
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • Decarbonisation/ Net Zero Plan


The aim of these services is to create circular products and packaging.

  • Circular Packaging 
  • Circular Product (e.g. ingredients)

Brand growth services

Once a company has embedded sustainability in the core of their business, we help the brand to grow within its current market and scale to new markets. 


The aim of these services is to help companies increase market penetration.

  • Brand Growth & Communication Plan
  • Growth Hacking
  • Partnerships/Pilots (media, PR, Business dev…etc.)
  • Market and consumer research


The aim of these services is help companies enter new markets.

  • New market and consumer research 
  • Market entry strategy
  • Local partnerships (brand partnerships, media, PR, Business dev…etc.)
  • Portfolio adaptation to the local market


The aim of these services is to help identifying ways to optimise or expand the portfolio while penetrating or entering new markets.

  • Product & Pack: optimising or creating new products or packaging strategies.
  • Tech: monetising from data services (use cases).


Our industry is under the spotlight due to the pollution caused by meat production. Vulcano Impact, thanks to its knowledge and research, has helped us define our strategy to reduce our environmental impact, in the short and long terms, and has provided us with the tools to stand out in the sector.

Matteo, Pascoli Verdi

Working with Vulcano Impact was a fantastic experience. They allowed me to prioritise and structure each phase of the project until the development of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), providing all the resources I needed. I would definitely work with them again.

Yuri, drShake

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