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One stop shop for food and beverage ingredients

Innovation and transparency in the B2B food ingredients space.

Client: 1-2-Taste
Date: Nov 2023 – March 2024
Sector: F&B B2B

The context

1-2-Taste is a pioneering B2B e-commerce platform for food and beverage ingredients. Their innovative approach simplifies the ordering process, allowing food innovators to access a wide range of ingredients, including natural, organic, and cutting-edge alternatives, just in a few clicks.

The client problem

“We serve 30+ food and beverage industries with over 1000 ingredients. How can we scale our content on health and sustainability topics ensuring the right customisation?”

Our approach

  • 1.5 months to conduct research on the different F&B industries, spot overlaps and set up the strategy;
  • 2.5 months of implementation, developing blogs and emails, to test the strategy and optimise it;
  • Handover to a new full time internal hire.

Our solution

  • A templetised email-marketing approach that reduces complexity and sets up the basis for automation.
  • Tailored communication plan targeting 30+ F&B industries with relevant messages, while minimising the number of variations.
  • Code of insights based on policies, market trends and R&D challenges to provide continuous guidance on new content development, with a focus on sustainability & health.
  • A/B tests plan to keep optimising the customer segmentation and the relevance of the content.